Drumstick brand ice cream sundae cones are being recalled in 12 southeastern states, including Virginia, because of bacterial contamination that can cause fever, headaches and stomachaches, according to the manufacturer.

The cones may contain listeria monocytogenes bacteria, which in addition to causing flu-like symptoms can threaten pregnant women and their fetuses, infants, the elderly and other persons with weakened immune systems, according to the product's manufacturer, Dairymen Inc.

The Louisville-based company said that Drumstick cones with code numbers ending in 12431 or 1244 should be returned to the place of purchase for a refund. The numbers can be found on the box flaps and on individual wrappers.Delft China Recall Widened

The Food and Drug Administration has widened its recall of china with Delft mill and flower designs because the products contain high levels of lead that could leach into food and beverages and poison consumers.

Several weeks ago, the FDA recalled pitchers and teapots made by the M. Dewit Keramische Industrie of the Netherlands. The recall now has been widened to include mugs, cups and jars made by the company.

Two importers of the Delft china, Dutch Village Inc. of Holland, Mich., and Vanderveens Importing Co. of Grand Rapids, Mich., said the products had been distributed to stores in Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, Wisconsin and Texas and nationally through mail order.

The FDA said storing acid foods, such as tomatoes or fruit juices, in the containers could accelerate leaching of lead from glazes that have been improperly applied or fired on the china.

The recalled products have "Delft Holland handgeschildered" on the base and the letters D, M, W and E arranged in a diamond. The suspect ware also bears the following numbers on the base:

Pitchers numbered 35, 75, 67, 300, 301, 302, 303 and 604. Coffeepots numbered 550. Teapots numbered 9 and 551. Beer mugs numbered 171, 172 and 173. Coffee mugs numbered 177. Specialty coffee cups numbered 178. Coffee cups with saucers numbered 554. Teacups with saucers numbered 555. Jelly jars or sugar bowls numbered 525.