The ambassador of Senegal, whose son was involved in a highly publicized traffic accident here last week, said last night that he has surrendered his son's driver's license to the State Department.

Ambassador Falilou Kane said he gave the license of his son Sidi L. Kane, 20, to the protocol office yesterday.

The ambassador said his son has been asked to appear Sept. 17 before the Bureau of Motor Vehicle Services in connection with the Aug. 10 accident on the Frederick Douglass Bridge. The diplomat said he would ask his government whether his son should comply. "If they ask me to waive it {diplomatic immunity}," he said, "I will do it."

Calling the accident relatively minor, the ambassador said it caused no damage or serious injury, and received unusual attention because of recent Senate hearings on a bill to restrict diplomatic immunity, which bars prosecution of envoys and their families.

Police said the ambassador's son allegedly fled the scene of the two-car collision. After being stopped five blocks away, he was not arrested because he held diplomatic immunity, but was issued $600 in traffic citations, according to police.

After the accident, the State Department asked for the surrender of Sidi Kane's driver's license. Department officials also said they expected all traffic violations to be paid, while acknowledging that payment could not be required.

"I regret what has happened," the ambassador said of the accident, emphasizing his commitment to good relations between his country and the United States. He said he and his family "have always abided by the laws of the country in which we lived."

The ambassador said his son did not stop after the collision because he was on a bridge and because impact was so slight that "he did not notice that he hit a car."

His son, he said, "doesn't smoke . . . doesn't drink . . . and doesn't even know the color of drugs." The collision, he said, was something that "can happen to anyone."

Neither car showed signs of damage, he said. "I am ready to show the car {driven by his son} to anyone." He said that the vehicle, which was at the ambassador's residence on Linnean Avenue, was, by coincidence, a Dodge Diplomat.