The Bladensburg City Council is considering an ordinance that would require owners to register their pit bull dogs with the city.

The measure would help keep track of the dogs, which have become the subject of national news in recent months after several lethal attacks on people and animals.

Councilman Timothy McNamara, who introduced the ordinance, said that it would give city officials a clear idea of the number of pit bulls in town and where to contact owners about loose ones.

McNamara said he hoped the ordinance would serve as a deterrent for residents who who would consider using the dogs as weapons.

In recent months, District and Maryland street gangs have used pit bulls as protection during drug transactions and robberies, he said.

The council was scheduled to vote on the ordinance Aug. 10, but postponed the vote until Sept. 14 pending additional legal review.

McNamara said the council's attorney wanted to check the constitutionality of the ordinance because it would single out a particular breed of dog.

He said he believes Bladensburg would be one of the first municipalities to have such an ordinance and he hopes it would become a model for other cities.

Under the proposal, registration would cost a resident $10 for each pit bull and would require mug shots for identification purposes.

City residents would be fined if they failed to register their pit bulls, he said.. The amount of the fine has not been determined.

If adopted, the ordinance would become effective in October.

On a lighter note, Bladensburg will hold its annual "Bladensburg Day" festival on Aug. 29. Rides, ethnic food, square dancing and a disc jockey will be featured from 10 a.m. until midnight. Call 927-7962 for more information.


When Kettering was established 20 years ago as an suburban community for middle-class families, developer and founder Albert Turner thought it fitting to throw a nice little neighborhood "get acquainted" picnic.

The Kettering Civic Federation is continuing the tradition and is seeking volunteers to help organize the annual Founders' Day celebration on Sept. 19.

More than 150 people are needed to help build booths and floats, plan activities and direct traffic for the all-day affair, which is scheduled to open at 10:30 a.m. with a parade.

Community organizations will be on hand with fried fish, ribs and other foods for sale. The celebration also will feature a "moon walk," pony ride and magician. Musical accompaniment will be provided by local high school bands.

Residents who want to volunteer for various committees should contact Lynn Odellas at 249-9668 or Tina Badaczewski at 249-7345.