Silver Spring and Takoma Park residents should mark Sept. 15 and 17 on their calenders. These are the dates of the hearings on Montgomery County Executive Sidney Kramer's traffic and development proposals for Silver Spring.

Mr. Kramer wants to see the Silver Spring job ceiling (which sets development levels) lifted 90 percent over the present -- and citizens had better be aware of the traffic consequences.

What are they? The county planning board and staff project:

a minimun 66 percent increase in cars on the road (a much greater increase is likely);

a possible mile-long backup at the intersection of Georgia Avenue and Seminary Road during the evening rush hour; a possible half-mile backup at Colesville Road and Dale Drive;

heavy use of residential streets as cut-throughs; and

generally, "intolerable" congestion both inside and outside the business district (the planning board's word).

Mr. Kramer's close ties to the development community are well known. He seems determined to overdevelop Silver Spring, whatever the price.

Only the county council can stop him at this point, and he appears skilled at wooing them. Public pressure is critical to convince some council members to buck him.



Silver Spring-Takoma Traffic Coalition

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