Leesburg Music Festival Date Changed

The Leesburg Town Council last week granted permission to the Goose Creek Kiwanis Club to change the date of its music festival to be held in the Ida Lee Rust Park. The new date is Sept. 26.

Council member Arl Curry said the change was made to avoid conflict with other town activities. The club will use proceeds from the event to help fund development of the park.

Purcellville to Seek Water System Grant The Purcellville Town Council last week authorized Town Manager William Dennis to apply for a $25,000 state community block grant to fund the preliminary planning for improvements to the town's water distribution system.

According to council member Margaret Vaughan, many of the town's water lines must be replaced.

They are made of galvanized steel and have rusted, causing water discoloration despite the new water treatment plant built several years ago.

In other business, the Town Council rejected a request from Clover Cable Systems Inc. to install an antenna and other equipment on the Purcellville water tower in an effort to improve reception.

"We believe that nobody except town employes should have access to the tower. We did it to preserve the purity of the water," Vaughan said.

A second reason for the lack of action on the request was that the tower was recently painted with the name of the Purcellville High School football team, the Vikings, in a design by Purcellville High School art students. "An antenna would ruin the way the tower looks, so we were against it for esthetic reasons," Vaughan said.

Middleburg Raises Fines for Water Use Although Middleburg officials anticipate the opening of a third well within 10 days, the Town Council last week increased the fine for illegal water use from $100 to $500 because of the ongoing heat wave.

Residents also will be notified this month that if they do not comply with the town's request to install easily readable house numbers, the fire department will do it for them, for a fee.

In other business, Middleburg Police Chief Frank Hoppes introduced two new police officers, Angelo Penque and Bob Harmon, who take the places of an officer who left the force for another job and one who retired.

Their addition brings the force to its full strength of three officers, council member Otis Amory said.

Hamilton Skateboard Ramp Unlikely The Hamilton Town Council will probably deny the construction of a skateboard ramp, despite a request from several teen-agers.

According to Recreation Committee Chairman Ruth Tillett, a preliminary check determined that the liability insurance for such a ramp would be prohibitive.

Instead, the town may build a picnic pavilion and bike-and-hike trail as part of its new community park. Tillett said skateboarders may be able to use the trail.

The Hamilton Town Council last week directed Town Attorney Julia Cannon to draft an ordinance regulating cable television as a preliminary measure to bringing cable to the town. A public hearing on the ordinance will be scheduled, Tillett said.

Tourism Spending in the County Rises According to a recently released report by the United States Travel Data Center, tourist spending in Loudoun County increased 52.6 percent last year.

The report said the visitors spent $91.1 million in 1986, up from $59.7 million the year before.

County tourism director Hugh Harmon said the increase was in almost direct proportion to the percentage increase of hotel and motel rooms that opened last year.

In addition, the report said that travel-generated jobs in Loudoun, which numbered 1,165 in 1985, increased to 1,904 last year.

Harmon said he is hoping to persuade the Town of Leesburg and county officials to move the visitors center to the new town complex when it is completed in 2000.

The complex will be in the historic district, which would give the visitors center higher visibility and easier access to tourists, Harmon said.

The center is currently in Market Station, a complex of shops, restaurants and boutiques two blocks from the downtown historic district.

Miss D.C. Lives in Sterling Cheryl Ann Chapman has been chosen Miss District of Columbia, even though she lives in Sterling.

William Chapman said that his daughter entered when she learned that her attendance at George Washington University made her eligible for the competition.

Cheryl Chapman, 21, has entered and won several beauty pageants over the years, her father said.

Winning the District competition makes her eligible for the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City, N.J., next month.

Hospital Adds Lines for Hearing Impaired Loudoun Memorial Hospital has installed two Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf, which will allow 7,000 hearing-impaired county residents to communicate with hospital personnel.

The number of the device at the main switchboard is 771-2919; the number in the emergency department is 771-2900.

In addition, four county residents proficient in sign language are available to help patients communicate with their doctors and nurses, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Hyphens Are Worth $23 A hyphen costs $23 in Loudoun County, but the family of John Paul Raflo, grandson of former Leesburg supervisor Frank Raflo, believes it is worth it.

Because it is against Jewish tradition to give a child a middle name, Paul Raflo and his wife Ruth, now divorced, decided to hyphenate their son's name 15 years ago. However, when their doctor signed the birth certificate, he forgot the hyphen.

When Ruth Raflo, who works for a local lawyer, learned recently that putting the hyphen back in her son's name would cost her only $23, she filed for a name change in Loudoun County Circuit Court.

"I'm all for it," Paul Raflo said. "I wish we'd known about this sooner."