Two Alexandria police officers were slightly injured and a Reston man may have been grazed by a bullet fired by police during a 10-minute melee early yesterday in Alexandria's West End, according to city police.

John E. Doherty, 26, of 1655 Valencia Way in Reston was arrested and charged with two counts of felonious assault on a police officer after the car he was driving dragged a police officer for about 25 feet and struck another near the Park Center apartments at 2801 Park Center Dr., police said.

The two officers, as well as an off-duty FBI agent who happened on the scene, fired an undetermined number of shots during the incident, police said.

Several of the bullets struck the car and one may have accounted for a scratch on Doherty's neck, police said.

A number of residents of the apartment complex witnessed the incident, which began around 6:20 a.m.

Police said fire officials, responding to a false alarm there, noticed a man who was yelling and screaming while sitting in his car and notified police.

Officer James Moore arrived and reached in the car window to take the keys from the ignition.

At that moment, the driver accelerated and the officer was dragged for a short distance, police said.

After Moore fell from the car, a second officer, Richard A. Estes, drew his gun and ordered the driver to stop, police said.

Disregarding the order, the driver continued and Estes was struck by the car.

The man drove a short distance farther before his car struck several signs and the curb and stopped.

He then fled on foot for a block or so, crossing King Street.

A third officer, John R. Marshall, joined the chase and arrested Doherty, according to police.

Moore and Estes were treated for bruises and abrasions at Alexandria Hospital and released.