Fairfax County Board Chairman John F. Herrity (R) has not provided information required under state law about 63 of his biggest campaign contributors, a review of his contribution and expenditure statements shows.

Supervisor Audrey Moore (D-Annandale), Herrity's main challenger in the Nov. 3 election for his job as chairman of the County Board of Supervisors, had not provided the necessary information on two occasions, according to the records.

Upon learning of the lapse, Moore campaign officials sent the information to the Fairfax County Electoral Board yesterday. Herrity's campaign manager and son, Tom Herrity, said the information would be provided to the board by Monday.

Virginia law requires candidates for local office to list the occupations and principal places of business of all contributors of more than $250.

On Herrity's financial forms, however, next to 63 of the 191 entries of contributions exceeding $250, only the words "information requested" appear. Among those whose occupations are not listed are Richard Viguerie, the nationally known direct-mail wizard; at least two of Herrity's campaign advisers, and several of the largest and best-known corporations in Northern Virginia.

In response to an inquiry yesterday, Tom Herrity said, "We are redoubling our efforts . . . . We didn't have a lot of time to spend on these things earlier. It's administrative, nothing more, but we're putting it together now."

Janice C. Spector, a spokeswoman for Moore, said the Moore campaign is filing a complaint about the Herrity forms with the local electoral board, asking the board to take "the appropriate action" to see that Herrity complies with the law. She added that the extent of Herrity's lapse "seems excessive" and indicates "at minimum, poor bookkeeping."

Spector said the two contributors whose occupations were unlisted on Moore's financial forms were on vacation and could not be reached to provide the information when the forms were filed two weeks ago. She provided the occupations of the two donors to a reporter yesterday.

Jane Vitray, secretary of the county electoral board, said, "I've never known any of this to be enforced." Nonetheless, she said she planned to consult with the two other members of the electoral board to determine what steps, if any, to take to enforce the law.

In addition to Vitray, a Demo-crat, the three-member Fairfax electoral board is composed of another Democrat and one Republican.

Under state law, the electoral board is bound to report "any willful violation" of the law to the commonwealth's attorney's office. Conviction of such a violation is a misdemeanor, punishable by a $100 fine.

According to a review of electoral board records, several other candidates for the county board also omitted the required information -- generally in two or three instances. They include Supervisor T. Farrell Egge (R-Mount Vernon); Supervisor Elaine McConnell (R-Springfield); Patrick Mullins, Republican candidate in the Annandale District; and Myron E. Smith Jr., Republican candidate in the Providence District.