Rockville Complex Razed

The Red Barn, the low-income garden apartment complex in the Lincoln Park section of Rockville, was razed Tuesday after years of complaints from city residents.

In recent years, city police have frequently been called to the apartments at 114 Frederick Ave. because of reports of loud parties and other disturbances. Several residents nearby had complained to the city, calling the Red Barn an eyesore and a nuisance.

The city assisted in relocating residents of the Red Barn during the past several months.

At the demolition ceremony, Mayor Steven Van Grack, members of the City Council and a few residents took turns taking whacks at the two-story building with a sledgehammer.

The Red Barn, which consisted of eight apartments, got its name after being painted dark red. According to city officials, the structure was built in the 1930s as a movie theater, but around 1951 was converted to apartments.

Registration Deadline

Rockville residents planning to vote in the Nov. 3 city elections must register by Oct. 5.

Under the city's new election laws, residents may register with the county election office, allowing them to vote in national, state, county and city elections. Separate registration for city elections had been required until passage of the single-registration law this year.

Restaurant Smoking

Rockville has approved a law requiring eating establishments with seating for 50 or more to set aside half the tables for nonsmokers.

At a meeting this month, Mayor Steven Van Grack and the City Council voted unanimously to adopt the new Montgomery County smoking ordinance, approved by the County Council, rather than draw up its own legislation.

The County Council, meeting as the county Board of Health this month, failed to pass a proposal extending its restaurant smoking restrictions to municipalities, including Rockville. Municipalities at that time argued that they should be allowed to come up with their own legislation or at least choose to adopt the rules set by the county.

Under the law, restaurant patrons may not smoke in nonsmoking sections or in any restroom open to the public.

Poolesville Bus Service

Ride-On bus service has begun on Saturdays from Poolesville to Lake Forest Mall and to the Shady Grove Metrorail station.

Buses leave Poolesville at 9:45 and 11:05 a.m. Buses returning to Poolesville leave from the Shady Grove station at 4:42 and 7:07 p.m. The Route 48 bus service will not have designated stops, so passengers in Poolesville should stand along Rte. 107 at the nearest intersection.

Party Panel to Add 3

The Maryland State Democratic Central Committee has advised the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee that it must add three women members to comply with National Democratic Party rules requiring an equal number of male and female members.

The duties of the new members will be to attend and vote at meetings of the Maryland State Democratic Central Committee.

AIDS Testing Offered

Free and anonymous AIDS testing is being offered at two health centers operated by the Montgomery County Health Department: the Dennis Avenue Health Center in Silver Spring and the Rockville Health Center.

For information on acquired immune deficiency syndrome, or to schedule an appointment for a test, call the Dennis Avenue center at 593-8507 or the Rockville center at 279-1645.

Since the county began its testing program two years ago, more than 4,500 tests have been performed.