Police arrested 72 persons and seized about $13,000 worth of illegal drugs Friday night and yesterday morning in an 11-hour "Operation Clean Sweep" crackdown centered on the notorious drug market at the Mayfair-Paradise apartment complex in Northeast Washington, police said.

More than 150 uniformed and undercover officers took part in the operation, which began when police converged on the Mayfair Mansions and Paradise Manor apartments, bounded by the 3800 blocks of Jay and Hayes streets NE, beginning about 5 p.m. Friday, they said.

Deputy Chief Jimmy L. Wilson, commander of the 6th District, where the drug sweep was conducted, said it "disrupted the drug traffic in the high narcotics areas {of the 6th District} . . . and pretty much shut it down."

He said that the drugs seized included cocaine, the cocaine derivative crack, PCP and marijuana, and that $800, two motor vehicles and a handgun were confiscated.

After officers descended on the Mayfair-Paradise complex, an area plagued during the past year by an influx of drug dealers and a rash of drug-related homicides, other officers were waiting at about 10 other locations where police expected the dealers to transfer their organizations, Wilson said.

"This was Operation Clean Sweep with a twist," he said. "Once we chased {dealers} out of a {drug trafficking area} we anticipated their movement. When they arrived {at a new location} we were already there. We were waiting for them. That's what made this particular operation unique."

Wilson said more than half of the suspects arrested were charged with drug possession and distribution violations. The tactics of the operation, including roadblocks and drug buys made by undercover officers, also resulted in arrests of people who had been named on outstanding warrants for various violations.

Eight of those arrested were between 14 and 16 years old, police said.