This letter is in response to Ralph E. Griffith's letter regarding donating blood {Maryland Weekly, Aug. 13}. The unfortunate incident of Mr. Griffith's being unable to find a place to donate blood on July 31 was not the intention of the American Red Cross. Every day we need enough companies, churches, clubs, etc., to help in collecting about 900 units of blood. On the day in question, the companies that agreed to sponsor blood drives chose to make them closed to the public.

The American Red Cross is very grateful to companies that agree to hold drives for their employees. It is understandable that, with the nature of many businesses in the Metro region, security is a factor as to who may enter a building.

The third largest reason people have for not donating blood is that they do not have a convenient opportunity. Many companies hold "closed-to-the-public" blood drives to enable as many of their employees as possible the chance to save a life. Perhaps Mr. Griffith's encounter can be seen as a message that our community needs more civic organizations, businesses, churches and synagogues to sponsor bloodmobiles so that everyone who wants to donate may.


Blood Services Representative

Donor Resources Development

American Red Cross