Apparently Rose Crenca, president of the County Council, and Judith Heimann, recent member of the Montgomery County Planning Board, Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, believe in a double standard. If a problem occurs in their neighborhoods, they are greatly concerned. Yet if a problem exists elsewhere, they are indifferent.

Recently, Judith Heimann, a Bethesda resident, made the following comments about the Kay complex in Bethesda: Kay's complex "looks naked" without the plants. ''Mr. Kay doesn't live in Bethesda, so he doesn't have to look at them. Kay has been dragging his feet for a long time now.'' The planning board members agreed.

Rose Crenca, during a council session, voiced objections to the proposed re-use of the Pleasant View Elementary School as an apartment complex for poor, single-parent families. She stated that it is incompatible with the surrounding neighborhood of modest single-family homes. ''The way it is being implemented is not in anybody's best interest,'' said Mrs. Crenca.

Yet, Rose Crenca and Judith Heimann approved the creation of a massive industrial complex that is within 25 feet of $250,000 to $300,000 homes and is on land zoned for residential use. By their votes, they have endorsed the deliberate destruction of mature, healthy trees and a large pasture in order to create two parking lots, one for approximately 80 pieces of heavy equipment, garbage trucks, etc., and the other for more than 100 employees.

These two parking lots, along with most of the other buildings and the three 10,000-gallon fuel tanks for gasoline and diesel fuel (buried in the ground), are all within the flood plain of Rock Creek. There is the very real danger of significant pollution of the creek from leaking gas tanks, leaking oil from the trucks and gasoline spills from the four fuel pumps. Vegetation and wildlife are endangered.

Yet the parks department, whose responsibility it is to create and preserve park land, has been allowed to deliberately destroy park property for this industrial complex. Already property values have been affected. Some residents are exploring the possibility of moving.

Our community has petitioned the council, but we have yet to receive a response. Most council members have refused our repeated invitations to visit our neighborhood and see this unnecessary intrusion.


Chevy Chase