Laura Bischoff's article {"Cable Problems Plague County, Company Faces Flood of Calls," Maryland Weekly, Aug. 20} is misleading. I think Cable TV Montgomery is doing an outstanding job and going the extra mile to satisfy customers.

I'd like readers to know about my recent experience with Cable TV Montgomery. My house does not have the power and phone lines coming in from the street in the typical fashion; consequently, I knew it was not going to be easy to connect to cable TV.

The installer, Clint, arrived about 1 p.m., and immediately realized I did indeed have an installation problem. He said he'd have to call for an inspector, and in the meantime he left for his next appointment. The inspector, Eddie, arrived within an hour and gave permission to proceed.

Clint returned about 4 p.m. and began the installation, which was tedious; it meant crawling into a dirty crawl space, removing a drop ceiling in the basement and running cable several hundred feet through a heavily wooded area. A helper arrived about 9 p.m., and they finished at 11:30 p.m.! The installers never complained; they maintained pleasant and professional dispositions to the end.

The next day, Saturday, the inspector returned with his family (his wife and children were waiting for him in his truck). Because the installers had worked so late, he wanted to double-check and make sure I was getting good reception.

These people are serving the community better than the article suggests. By the way, I don't work for or have any other interest in cable TV except as a customer.