The following was among actions taken at Tuesday's meeting of the Prince George's County Council. For more information, call 952-3718.

GAMBLING MORATORIUM -- The council voted 5 to 3 to extend a moratorium restricting Las Vegas-style gambling activities to no more than three nights a month for new organizations applying for licenses in the county.

The council imposed a stiffer temporary moratorium in July, which restricted gambling by new organizations to one night a month.

Under a grandfather clause, the council action would not affect organizations currently holding permits.

The council's objective in passing the resolution would be to "limit the number of big businesses coming in to gamble in Prince George's and not treat unfairly people already operating in the county," said council chairman Hilda R. Pemberton.

Speaking for the opposition, council member Sue V. Mills expressed concern that the fire department casino nights and other charitable gambling would be threatened.

The council is scheduled to consider a recommendation from a task force on gambling that would further restrict gambling by restricting casino nights to twice a month for all groups beginning in January and once a month beginning in 1989.

In related action, the council voted 6 to 1 to suspend the new rule to allow gambling at the Prince George's County Fair, which runs this week.