The following items were discussed by the Alexandria School Board at its Sept. 3 meeting. For further information, call 988-2100.

SUPERINTENDENT'S CONTRACT APPROVED -- As its first action after the summer recess the School Board voted 7 to 1 to officially approve the employment contract for Paul Masem, the new superintendent of Alexandria schools. The board approved the contract in executive session during the summer but is required to formalize its action at a public session.

Board vice chairman Lynnwood Campbell Jr. voted against the contract because he said he objected to one provision. He would not say what that provision was. Board member Leslie Hagan was not at the meeting and did not vote.

The contract is for Masem to serve the remaining two years of a four-year term for Alexandria's superintendent. The term began in 1985 under former superintendent Robert W. Peebles who retired this summer after seven years in that post. All school superintendent positions in Virginia are for four-year terms. The current term began in 1985 and expires in June of 1989.

FAMILY LIFE EDUCATION -- The board asked the administrative staff to prepare an hour-long slide show on the status of the Family Life Education program to be shown to the board in October.

The program is taught to students in kindergarten through ninth grades, and is offered as an elective for 12th graders. Younger students are taught health and family education, while older students are taught health and sex education, prenatal care, and about death and dying.

The board asked for the update because the program has been expanded to include more grades in the last two years and board members want to know how effective it is.

JUNIOR ROTC -- The board asked school officials to survey T.C. Williams High School students to see if there is interest in establishing a U.S. Junior Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps unit at the high school.

Tony Hanley, executive director for secondary education, told board members that T.C. Williams is one of many schools throughout the country on a waiting list for the naval reserve program but has receieved "a strong recommendation" for inclusion in the program by the Navy's area JROTC manager.

The Navy will notify the school administration by Nov. 1 as to whether a JROTC program can begin next fall at T.C. Williams, as previously proposed by school officials -- assuming it is approved by the school board.

However, board member A. Melvin Miller said he has received no calls from students interested in the program.

"Is there really a demand for a Junior ROTC program," Miller asked Hanley at the meeting. Following Miller's comment the board asked Hanley to conduct a survey of students to see if there is enough interest to justify the program.

OCTOBER MEETING CHANGES -- The Board voted to change its two meetings in October from Oct. 8 and 15 to Oct. 7 and 22. Both meetings will be held at 8 p.m. in the board room of the Secondary Schools Occupational Center, at 3801 W. Braddock Rd.