County Executive Sidney Kramer talks about Silver Spring as if it were a run-down slum. JoAnn Armao of The Post {Aug. 30} refers to it as a "sleepy commercial district." Maybe they haven't visited here in a while -- the traffic can be pretty bad. Revitalization is well on its way. There are at least five recently completed office buildings with large "For Lease" signs and seven more approved for construction. These will increase traffic 30 to 60 percent, according to some estimates.

Still, Mr. Kramer wants to up the allowable number of jobs by an additional 13,500, which would increase traffic by 90 percent without proper study and consideration. County planners already say that the 13,500 would make Silver Spring the lucky recipient of the worst traffic anywhere in the county.

The Master Plan Review for Silver Spring comes up next June. Why not wait and see what effect the new buildings would have and do a careful planning job -- we do not want to make the same mistakes in Silver Spring that were made in Bethesda.

Residents of Silver Spring need to wake up and smell the coffee. If Mr. Kramer had had his way, no hearings would have been held on Silver Spring at all. So much for his avowed desire to inform the citizens of Silver Spring. We can thank County Council President Rose Crenca that public hearings will be held on Sept. 15 and 17.

JANET NAUMBURG Silver Spring . . . And Tearing It Down

Why not tear down "old Silver Spring" and build Jack Kent Cooke's domed stadium in Art Deco style?

That would keep Silver Spring's downtown sufficiently crowded and ugly to please everyone.