The Arlington School Board voted unanimously last night to ask the county for $62,000 to hire a consulting firm and a building planner to advise it on raising and spending an estimated $66 million to repair the school system's buildings.

The average age of the system's 37 buildings is 39 years. School officials say needed repairs range from replacing roofs, plumbing and windows to redesigning buildings to meet special needs for such programs as special and adult education.

Superintendent Arthur W. Gosling said he plans to ask for the money at the County Board's meeting on Saturday. The County Board allocates money for schools.

About $15,000 would be used to hire the Government Finance Research Center firm to advise the School Board on proposing a bond referendum to help pay for the repairs.

School Board members and the superintendent have said they favor taking the issue to the voters, but are uncertain how much money should be raised through bond sales and how often bonds should be offered for sale.

The earliest such a referendum could be held would be November 1988.

It would be the first school-related bond referendum in more than a decade.

The School Board is asking for $47,000 to hire a facilities planner to rank the improvement projects and to oversee the implementation of a proposed 20-year renovation plan.

"We're dealing with a massive {program}, and for the community's sake we need to go about this in a very professional way," said Vice Chairwoman Judy Connally.

The School Board is asking for the money now because it wants to hire the advisers immediately and the positions were not included in this year's school budget.