The family of a Colmar Manor man who was shot and killed last Sept. 12 filed a lawsuit in Prince George's Circuit Court yesterday against two Cottage City police officers involved in the shooting, claiming that the officers stopped the man without reason and shot him without provocation.

The suit said that Curtis Martin Britt Jr., 26, was shot as he tried to walk out of Hungry Herman's Restaurant in Bladensburg after recovering from a seizure. Britt was struck in the face by a shot fired from a .357 magnum revolver fired by Cottage City Officer Robert Michael Bancroft as Britt turned to face Bancroft, according to the lawsuit.

The shooting was presented to a county grand jury last December, but no charges were filed against Bancroft.

The multimillion-dollar lawsuit asks for compensatory and punitive damages from Bancroft; Paul Gene Rovillard, who was Bancroft's partner, and the Town of Cottage City, its commission chairman and police chief.

The day before the shooting, Britt had filed a lawsuit in Circuit Court seeking $15 million in damages from the Colmar Manor Police Department as a result of a May 1986 incident in which Britt was shot in the back by a Colmar Manor officer. That lawsuit is scheduled for trial in January.