Richard W. Dortch, the former PTL Television Network president who was defrocked by his Assemblies of God denomination, said Wednesday he had met with church leaders, but he refused to disclose the nature of the meeting.

Appearing at a news conference before giving a lecture at American University, Dortch said he was too emotionally drained after his ouster as head of the ministry in April to fight being defrocked.

His former boss, Jim Bakker, also was stripped of his ministry by the Springfield, Mo.-based Pentacostal congregation, and did not fight his ouster.Both ousters resulted from the scandal in the PTL ministry.

''I was not emotionally able,'' Dortch said, explaining why he did not take part in the disciplinary proceedings brought by the church against him. ''That's the only reason why.

''I have met with the leadership of our denomination and offered those personal things that I felt needed to be done,'' Dortch said. ''I'm just simply saying that I did what I had to do on my own. I asked for a meeting, got it, and so it has been done.''

Dortch, 55, refused to discuss PTL finances or operation, and he refused to talk about his dealing with Jessica Hahn. According to a publicity release on his speaking tour, Dortch was the first person the former church secretary contacted to accuse Bakker of sexual misconduct.

Dortch, according to accounts confirmed by PTL head Jerry Falwell, also helped funnel funds to Hahn to keep her from going public about the sexual encounter. The Assemblies of God cited those payments in its decision to defrock Dortch.

Dortch was accompanied by his lawyer, William Diehl of Charlotte, N.C., who prevented him from answering questions about the inner workings of PTL.

A federal grand jury has been meeting in Charlotte and the PTL bankruptcy case is being heard in Columbia, S.C.

Diehl said he had nothing ''concrete'' about whether Dortch is a target of the grand jury, but ''I think it's fair to say . . . we're concerned.

He said Dortch had not been invited to testify.