Police Chief Maurice T. Turner Jr. related a story about a regular patrol officer and a reserve officer on duty recently in Washington's 3rd District.

The two responded to a call of a woman who was under the influence of the drug PCP, Turner said. When the officers arrived at the scene, the woman grabbed one of the officers' revolvers. As she was trying to aim the revolver at the patrol officer, the reservist tackled the woman and averted disaster as she fired six shots harmlessly into the air.

"Things like that do not come to the attention of the public," Turner told 500 people gathered at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on Capitol Hill last night.

The group was gathered for the first annual Metropolitan Police Department Community Relations Awards Banquet. Police officers and civilians associated with the department's Community Relations Division were honored during a two-hour presentation.

"We're hoping to achieve a lot more recognition for the citizens and officers in this area," said Inspector Richard Pennington, who heads the Community Relations Division.

The division was created after the 1968 riots that shook Washington in the wake of the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Last night's ceremony was an effort by the department to recognize the accomplishments the division has made since it was first headed by an officer who also happened to be head of the riot squad.

Sgt. Charles Cephas, who works with the 1st Police District, was the recipient of the citywide Community Relations Award. Two officers from each of the department's seven districts were recognized also, as were two members with the community relations division.

They are:

1st District -- Robert L. French Jr. and Jerome L. Gladden.

2nd District -- Martha L. Clark and Clarence P. Miller.

3rd District -- Ernest Crumb and Anthony Poteat.

4th District -- Maria Medina and Herbert A. Smith.

5th District -- George M. Dixon and Jesse Warrick.

6th District -- John D. Davis and George J. Thomas.

7th District -- Penelope D. Napper and Bernard M. Taylor.

Community Relations -- Willie H. Moore and Wilfred J. Haynes.

Ten civilians were recognized for their involvement with the police department: Rimskey Atkinson, Robert B. Curtiss, Doris Pollard, William F. Carpenter, Allen B. Robinson, Jane Dickens, Brenda H. Jones, Marcelo Zayas Fernandez, Alice O. Ford and Jeff Koenreich.