Ronald I. Dozoretz's name was misspelled in a Metro section story yesterday stating that the Virginia psychiatrist was abandoning a possible campaign for the Senate. (Published 9/16/87)

RICHMOND, SEPT. 14 -- A barrier to a Robb-for-Senate campaign was removed today when Ronald I. Dezoretz, a psychiatrist from Virginia Beach, announced he was abandoning a possible campaign in favor of former governor Charles S. Robb.

"I think we'll see him {Robb} as a candidate," Dezoretz said in a telephone interview. He said that when he told Robb over the weekend of his decision, the former Democratic governor said he would rethink whether to challenge incumbent Republican Sen. Paul R. Trible next year.

Robb said here tonight that Dozerotz' announcement "doesn't change my decision."

The former governor said that "some time after our {legislative} elections this fall, I'll sit down and take a look at the possibilities."

Asked whether Dozertz' action didn't put a lot of pressure on him, as the candidate most able to raise a lot of money in a short time, Robb said, "I understand the responsibilities involved."

Robb said that he has not authorized anyone to begin raising money for a possible Senate campaign, and that he has neither encouraged or discouraged anyone else about seeking the Democratic nomination."

Gov. Gerald L. Baliles, who urged Robb to be a candidate last week, called Dezoretz' decision "a helpful step."

Dezoretz said Robb had, in deference to their friendship, "steadfastly maintained that as long as I was considering this race, he would not enter."

After traveling around the state, both as a prospective candidate and as a vice chairman of the Democratic Party, Dezoretz said he decided that Robb is the clear choice of the voters.

"The mission is more important than the missionary, and clearly Chuck Robb is the most capable" of being elected, Dezoretz said in a statement. "I join with Gov. Baliles and encourage Chuck Robb to do the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia a great service by announcing his candidacy."

Trible, a freshman senator, has acknowledged that Robb would be his toughest opponent, but said he was prepared for such a challenge. Trible has raised more than $1.4 million for his campaign for reelection.

Millionaire Dezoretz, who owns a chain of psychiatric hospitals across the country, had formed an exploratory committee, employed three full-time campaign aides and set up an extensive computer system in preparation for the race. He said he paid all the costs himself.