A proposed health clinic for teen-agers that would be sponsored by the City of Alexandria should dispense condoms to its clients and be in or near the city's only high school, a municipal task force recommended yesterday.

The task force did not decide whether teen-agers should be required to get their parents' permission before visiting the clinic. It is scheduled to take up that question next week.

The clinic proposal, which is to go before the City Council later this year, has been a subject of increasing debate since it arose last spring, attracting the ire of groups that oppose abortion and birth control. Mayor James P. Moran Jr., a member of the task force, said the plan to distribute condoms would certainly accelerate the controversy.

"I think it could well jeopardize the establishment of a health center," said Moran, who did not support the idea. "I don't disagree with the compelling case that was made {for distributing condoms}, but I'm not sure that the public is ready for it."

Donna Kloch, president of the city's PTA Council, said the task force should endorse distributing condoms because of the health threat posed by sexually transmitted diseases, particularly Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

"I wish high school students were not engaging in sexual activity," Kloch said. "But they are. I personally think this is a medical issue, not a moral issue. I think it is the responsibility of the task force to take the lead on this question."

The task force recommendations will go to the City Council before a public hearing on the issue in November. The council will make the decision on whether the clinic is to be built and whether condoms are to be distributed.