Arlington County

The following were among actions taken at the Sept. 10 meeting of the Arlington School Board. For more information, call 558-2838.

CONSULTANTS RECOMMENDED -- The School Board voted to request the County Board to budget $62,000 to hire a financial consulting firm and a planner to assist in renovating the school system's 38 buildings. The renovation is estimated to cost about $66 million.

Last November, an architectural firm hired by the school system outlined improvements county school buildings will need during the next 20 years. The recommended improvements include installing new air conditioning and heating systems, and elevators to make facilities accessible to the handicapped. The firm also proposed improving lighting, enlarging parking lots around school buildings, installing new ceilings and floors, and repaving sidewalks, curbs and driveways.

If the County Board approves the funds, the consulting firm will be asked to recommend ways to finance the extensive capital improvement program. The planner will be asked to help rank the renovation projects in order of priority and to oversee the program during the next several years.

About half the school facilities are under 20 years old and have never undergone a major renovation.

MINORITY PROGRAMS FUNDED -- The board approved programs designed to improve the academic performance of low achieving black students at 15 county schools. The money to fund the programs, $160,000, is included in the current school budget.