The following were among decisions made by the Prince George's County Board of Zoning Appeals at its Sept. 2 meeting. For more information, call 952-3220.


BALTIMORE AVE., 11100 -- Granted a request by Pro Signs Co. Inc. to waive the 10-foot wide landscape requirement between a commercial building and the street in order to construct a sign on the store's canopy. BLADENSBURG

MONROE ST., 4903 -- Granted a request by Michael and Margaret Garifo to build an addition to a house leaving less than the required amount of open yard space.

UPSHUR ST., LOTS 1 AND 2, BLOCK 12 -- Granted a request by Harold and Sylvia Owens to build a house on a lot containing 4,145 square feet instead of the 5,000-square-foot minimum. CHEVERLY

57TH AVE., 2505 -- Granted a request by Lester Humphries Jr. to build a carport 19 feet from a side property line instead of the mimimum 25 feet required. COLLEGE PARK

IROQUIS ST., 5007 -- Granted a request by William and Ida Newhouse to build a free-standing carport 38 feet from the rear property line instead of the minimum 60 feet required.

RUATAN ST., 4807 -- Granted a request by Frank and Renee Underwood to validate an existing house 15 1/2 feet from the front property line instead of the minimum 25 feet required. GREENBELT

WINTERGREEN CT., 7304, SUNRISE CT., 7307, CANDLEWOOD PLACE, 7902-7905, SOMERSET CT., 7916, 7918, 7920, 7922, 7924, 7926, 7934, 7936 -- Granted a request by the Porten-Sullivan Corp. to construct decks on 14 town houses leaving less then the required amount of open yard space. LAUREL

BIGNONIA DR., 10103 -- Granted a request by Christopher Viamonte to validate an existing deck adjacent to a side property line instead of a minimum of eight feet from it as required.