An Ohio dairy is recalling Chipwich ice cream sandwiches and some other ice cream products because of bacterial contamination, the Food and Drug Administration said.

Some of the products containing ice cream made by Superior Dairy of Canton, Ohio, contain evidence of contamination by listeria monocytogenes, the FDA said.

"While no illnesses have been reported with these frozen products, listeria monocytogenes can cause some people to develop a transient flu-like illness, and pregnant women may be at risk of stillbirth," the agency said.

"The disease can also be life-threatening for immunocompromised persons, the elderly and the very young," the agency added.

Immunocompromised persons are those whose immune systems are not functioning properly because of drugs or disease.

In addition to Chipwich sandwiches, the recalled products include Love Bites ice cream novelties distributed nationally and Drumsticks distributed in the Midwest and the East.

Recalled lots can be identified by manufacturing date codes 001 through 240 on the end flaps of the cartons, the FDA said, and by manufacturing plant codes.

The national recall affects Chipwich and Chipwich Junior chocolate-chip cookie sandwiches bearing the manufacturing plant identification code 39-13 or 06-193.

The recalled Love Bites, chocolate-coated vanilla or strawberry ice cream bits that are also distributed by Chipwich Inc. of Spark Hill, N.Y., are included in the recall, but only the date codes -- 001 to 240 -- are printed on them.

Drumstick brand sundae cones with codes 39-13-1707A (on variety pack) and 39-13-2167A (on vanilla) distributed by Big Drum-ALCO of Columbus, Ohio, are being recalled in Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and Georgia.