Kathleen Householder, the West Virginia woman serving a sentence for slaying her infant daughter, has given birth to a baby girl whom she conceived while in prison, authorities said yesterday.

Householder, 22, was being driven from the Federal Correctional Institution in Alderson, W.Va., to a nearby hospital when she gave birth on Thursday, said Warden Ron Burkhart. Mother and daughter are at the hospital, but Householder will return to prison within a few days and be separated from the child, he said. The warden said privacy laws prevent him from saying where the baby will be taken.

However, "We won't be turning it over to a public service agency of any sort," he said, meaning that family or friends probably will care for the baby.

Authorities said they believe the father of the child is Householder's husband Daniel. They said that while Householder was being held in the Jefferson County Jail, her husband was allowed, without proper authorization, to visit his wife in the jail kitchen, where the child apparently was conceived.

Daniel Householder is now serving time in the Jefferson County Jail for causing a death while driving under the influence of alcohol.

Householder is serving a one- to five-year sentence in the beating death of her infant daughter last year. The baby's body was found, wrapped in a plastic bag, in the Shenandoah River in Virginia. Householder originally told authorities the baby had been kidnaped and made televised pleas for the return of the child.