A top D.C. Department of Human Services official, who has testified before a federal grand jury investigating contracts awarded by the agency's former director, was reassigned this week to another job in the agency.

Department spokesman Charles Seigel said yesterday that Grady C. Williams will help M. Jerome Woods, acting director of the agency, evaluate and reorganize the department. Williams, who will be detailed temporarily to the director's office, was the chief of the agency's office of administration, which oversaw contracts, facilities and supply management.

Seigel said that Woods decided to remove responsibility for contracts from the office of administration and to create a contracts branch to improve their handling.

Department officials said Williams would be given a job comparable to his former post after helping Woods with the reorganization. Seigel said the decision to reassign Williams was not related to his testimony before the grand jury or his job performance. Williams could not be reached for comment.

Williams has testified twice before the grand jury investigating whether David Rivers, who headed the human services agency until December, steered contracts to his friends. Sources said Williams was not a subject of the investigation.

Williams told The Washington Post in June that this year a subordinate told him that Rivers requested that the agency award a contract to B&C Management Consultants Inc., a company set up by Detroit area businessman Warren E. Barge Jr. and an undercover FBI agent.