The recent wave of white supremacist literature distributed in the Rockville community by the National Democratic League is an affront to the residents of Montgomery County.

The National Democratic League's appeal to whites to unite and speak out on behalf of "our Race" is repulsive and frightening. The historical embers of the Holocaust and the KKK still remain vivid in the minds of many Montgomery County citizens as an example of the danger such preachings can bring to any society. We in Montgomery County work daily to increase the awareness of our citizenry that a pluralistic, democratic society best serves the principles of our Constitution.

The National Democratic League's exploitation of the First Amendment to disseminate its fallacious literature is unacceptable. As we observe the bicentennial anniversary of our Constitution, let those who seek to trample upon those precious rights be aware that no one has an unrestrained license to use those rights to the detriment of others.

As chairman of the Sensitivity Awareness Symposium Task Force, I join with my fellow council members in condemning the undemocratic philosophy the National Democratic League espouses as the solution to the ills of our society. We are prepared to address the National Democratic League's activities through our educational programs in the schools, religious institutions and county government.