Henderson Mosley insists he really doesn't want to play three high school sports, but he always does. And he plays them all quite well.

The All-Interhigh quarterback is one of the most talented, diverse athletes in the area, supplementing his football talents with similar success in baseball, where he was an all-league pitcher last season, and in basketball, where he is a two-year letterman on the Warriors basketball team.

But how does a high school athlete find the time to not only participate in three sports, but excel in them as well?

"The only way that I am able to play all three sports during the school year is that I have to budget my time," said the 6-3, 200-pound senior. "I not only enjoy playing all three sports but I also enjoy doing well in school, too. Sometimes I get tired by the end of the school year and I think that maybe I should drop one sport or something, but I always end up playing all three."

He entered the 1987 football season as a two-way player. Last season Mosley also started at cornerback or safety besides handling his quarterbacking duties. And although he has drawn good reviews from opposing players and coaches alike because of his strong passing arm and leadership at the quarterback position, he admits defense is his real passion.

"I love playing in the defensive backfield because I have the freedom to float around and see what the other team is trying to do," said the three-year letterman. "I feel because I play quarterback that I sometimes have a good idea about what play they might call in certain situations."

Mosley has been sifting through scholarship offers since the school year began in September. He hasn't decided which school he will attend. And to make the decision even more aggravating, he still is not certain what sport he would like to play at the collegiate level. But Mosley figures there is one way to make the decision easier: "I feel that I could play all three sports in college if I can stay disciplined," he said.

But Mosley doesn't have tunnel vision when it comes to playing multi-sports at a higher level. "If it came down to a point where I was doing real well at one sport and one of the others were taking away too much of my time, then I guess I would consider concentrating on just one. Athletes like Dave Winfield, Kirk Gibson and Bo Jackson have all had to deal with playing different sports, and I feel if someone else can do something, then I can do it if I set my mind to it."

H.D. Woodson football Coach Bob Headen thinks his team captain is one of the best Interhigh athletes in quite some time. "Henderson is without a doubt one of the top players that I have ever been associated with," said Headen. "He works hard in practice, plays hard in the games, and is still such a level-headed kid."

Headens' opinion of Mosley is echoed by Anacostia Coach Willie Stewart. "He's a great player and he has the size to play either defensive back or quarterback in college," said Stewart. "I'll be glad to see him graduate because he has not only caused my football team problems, he's done a good job against my baseball teams, too. In fact, he pitched against us twice last season and both times we lost."

Mosley passed for more than 700 yards last season and rushed for another 500, making his multi-dimensional play very appealing to college recruiters. But his 9-1 pitching record in baseball last season, coupled with his high speed fastball and curve make him a candidate to get drafted in the spring, too. "I don't know what I would do if I got drafted to play baseball, "said Mosley. "But if I had to make a decision right now as to what I would do if that happened, I would probably go to college."

The Warriors entered the fall football season as one of the favorites to win the league title. And although Mosley could be thinking about the decision he faces later this school year, his mind is on one thing for now.

"I would like to win the league title in football," he said. "We've got some good players and we've got a good coach and I don't see any reason why we shouldn't win the title if we play as a team."

And just when it appears Mosley is finally at peace and thinking of nothing but football, he quickly reverts back to his multi-sport frame of mind. "But what I really would like to do would be to win the league title in all three sports."