The following were among actions taken at Monday's meeting of the Montgomery County Board of Education. For more information, call 279-3617.

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION -- The board voted unanimously to adopt a new affirmative action policy that spells out how the school system is to hire, train and promote minorities and the handicapped. Although the school system currently has an affirmative action policy, officials say the new policy more clearly details county affirmative action goals and methods of attaining them.

The policy sets up a system through which the director of minority education, personnel department staff members and the director of the human relations department are to monitor affirmative action efforts.

Each year, they are to analyze affirmative action training programs and examine the number of people hired and promoted in keeping with the policy. They are to recommend to Superintendent Harry Pitt by March 15 each year specific hiring, promoting and training actions to be taken that year.

Each fall, a report on affirmative action in the schools is to be presented to the school board.

CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTS -- The board awarded a contract for the construction of one new school and rejected bids for another new school in the upcounty area.

They awarded a contract for $7.13 million for the construction of Strawberry Knoll Elementary School, scheduled to open next fall in Gaithersburg. That cost is $430,000 higher than earlier estimates by school officials. The board awarded the contract with the option of removing six portable classrooms planned at the school. However, the board will attempt to retain the classrooms by asking the Montgomery County Council for additional funds.

Bids on Watkins Mill High School, scheduled to open in Montgomery Village in the fall of 1989, were rejected by the board. School officials had projected construction costs at $21.7 million, but bids for the project ranged from $22.7 million to $23.4 million. School officials will now recommend ways to modify the school's design to make construction less expensive. The matter is scheduled to come back to the board on Oct. 26.