Navy counselors scrambling to find a sailor's wife who wrote Ann Landers to say she might kill herself because of her husband's long deployment in the Persian Gulf said they learned yesterday that the woman is doing fine.

A letter that appeared in Friday's syndicated column and was signed "Daisy in Va." said that "after the children are asleep, I sit with a gun in my lap, wonder{ing} if I will ever find the nerve to blow my brains out and end this loneliness and pain."

The letter attracted the attention of top brass at the Norfolk Navy base. Adm. Frank Kelso II, commander in chief of the Atlantic Fleet, read the letter "and was ready to put everyone, including our wives and family support network, on general quarters to find that lady," said spokesman Capt. Brent Baker.

A media blitz was launched to have her call a crisis hot line, which she did yesterday morning, according to Chief Petty Officer Joseph Mowery. "She said she is doing fine, and obviously, if she requests any help she certainly can get it."

"The bottom line," Mowery added, "is that we care. We want to help and {we} have the networks for that kind of assistance."