RICHMOND, SEPT. 30 -- The third and final overseas business trip in Gov. Gerald L. Baliles' "Year of Trade" will not end efforts at finding new markets abroad, the governor said today.

"When I said that 1987 should be Virginia's 'Year of Trade,' I meant our efforts to be a means toward an end, and not an end in itself," Baliles said at a Capitol news conference.

The governor and more than 100 state government and business leaders are to depart tomorrow for a 17-day trip to the Far East, with stops in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. The delegation, which includes former governor Charles S. Robb, is scheduled to return Oct. 17.

"As in our two earlier trade missions this year, we are looking for new markets for Virginia agricultural products, new customers for Virginia manufactured products, new trade for the Port of Hampton Roads and new investors for the creation of jobs in Virginia," Baliles said.

"The importance of the Far East to the future of international trade cannot be overstated," Baliles said. "Asia embraces 2 3/4 billion of the world's 5 billion people, accounts for 15 percent of the gross world product, and is carved up into 30 or so countries."

According to Baliles, no specific results from the trip should be expected for the next year to 18 months. "These agreements do not mature overnight," he said.