The following were among actions taken at Tuesday's meeting of the District of Columbia Council.

CEREMONIAL FUNDS -- The council passed emergency legislation requiring audits of city ceremonial funds.

A grand jury is investigating whether Mayor Marion Barry or his family have used the funds for personal expenditures.

Barry, who has denied using the funds for personal items, also has been criticized during the past several weeks for failing to maintain records of how at least $17,000 in ceremonial funds has been spent.

The budget for fiscal year 1988, which begins today, already contains $25,000 in ceremonial funds for the mayor and $25,000 for the council.

The emergency legislation, proposed by council Chairman David A. Clarke, specifies that the funds be used to entertain visiting government officials and dignitaries, and it stipulates that the funds "shall be subject to audit and accounted for in the same manner" as any other government funds.

In addition, the District secretary must file annual reports on the use of the mayor's funds; the council secretary must do the same for the council.

CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS -- Council member Jim Nathanson (D-Ward 3) introduced legislation that would keep landlords from instituting permanent rent increases when they make one-time capital improvements.

Under current rent control law, all landlords covered by the law can raise rents no more than 10 percent annually. But landlords who make improvements using plans approved by the city's Rental Accommodations Office may raise rents as much as 20 percent to recoup their renovation expenses.

The higher levels remain in effect permanently, and tenants have complained that landlords make unneccessary or excessive improvements merely to raise rents.

Nathanson's bill would allow landlords to recover the exact cost of renovation through temporary rent increases. But after the landlord's expenses are paid, the rents would return to previous levels.

PREGNANCY LEAVE TABLED -- After lengthy debate, the council tabled indefinitely a bill sponsored by Frank Smith (D-Ward 1) that would have required employers in the District to provide their pregnant employes with a minimum of four months unpaid leave.

CONFIRMATIONS REQUESTED -- Council member H.R. Crawford (D-Ward 7) proposed legislation that would require confirmation by the council of the commissioners of public health, social services and mental health services. These mayoral appointees currently need no council confirmation.

CONFIRMATION GIVEN -- The council approved the nomination of Frederick D. Cooke Jr. as the new corportation counsel to provide legal representation of the city.