It seems unlikely one person would ever need to go to a blood pressure clinic, an employment counselor, a dental clinic, a juvenile probation officer, a senior citizens' nurse, an alcoholism treatment program and a seminar on teen-age suicide at the same time, but if someone did, all of them could be found at the North County Human Services Building in Reston.

The building, opened this summer and formally dedicated Saturday, houses seven Fairfax County human service agencies. The building, at 1850 Cameron Glen Dr., is part of a complex that includes the North County Government Center and Reston Regional Library.

"If someone uses more than one service, they will find them all in one convenient place," said County Executive Assistant Esther Ochsman. "More than that, there may be someone who uses one service there and is not aware there are other services they could use," and would learn about them by seeing them offered in the building, she said.

Among the organizations and services at the building are:County Health Department: disease immunizations, diagnosis and treatment for venereal disease, AIDS testing and counseling, speech and hearing diagnosis and therapy, blood pressure screening, health education programs, dental and medical clinics. Social Services Department: general relief, food stamps, Aid to Families With Dependent Children, fuel assistance, employment counseling, emergency housing assistance, day care. County Probation Services: supervision for adolescents on probation, counseling for families, guidance for truants and runaways, special school for habitual truants. Community Mental Health Center: individual and group counseling, emergency services, separate two-day treatment programs for adults and adolescents who would otherwise be institutionalized, seminars on stress management, teen-age suicide, couples' communication, free walk-in placement for people who need to know whether they need mental health counseling, a medication clinic, a shelter for women, and a program for spouse abusers. Reston-Herndon Senior Center: weekday recreation for persons 55 or older, hot lunch program, public health nurse, legal services, excursions and volunteer opportunities. Fairfax County Substance Abuse Services Northwest Team: alcohol and drug addiction treatment, emergency care, outpatient and day patient treatment, referral to residential programs. Human Services Information and Referral: direction to appropriate county, state, federal or private agencies.

A shelter for the homeless and a health care facility are also planned near the human services building.

The 58,000-square-foot building was built from July 1986 to August 1987 at a cost of about $5 million, according to Ochsman. The building was paid for by the Fairfax Hospital System in return for 16 acres of land at the complex, on which the private hospital system is building a nursing home.

"We designed it from the ground up to meet needs," Ochsman said.