The following were among decisions made by the Prince George's County Board of Zoning Appeals at its Sept. 9 meeting on requests for zoning variances in the northern county area. For more information, call 952-3220.


ALLVIEW DR., 11402 -- Denied a request to SVH Associates and S. Voss to construct a two-car garage and family room on the rear of a house 12 feet from the rear yard line instead of 25 feet as required.


HARVARD RD., 4614 -- Granted a request by William L. Montgomery to validate an existing house seven feet from a side yard line rather than eight feet as required and to construct a sun deck three feet from the rear yard line instead of eight feet as required.

HOLLYWOOD ROAD AND BALTIMORE AVENUE -- Granted a request by Altobelli Brothers for a waiver to allow construction of an office building adjacent to a 40-foot-wide street rather than a 70-foot-wide street as required,with a six-foot-wide landscape strip adjacent to a residential zone instead of the 10-foot-wide landscape strip required.


CHILLUM MANOR RD., 1213 -- Denied a request by Sharri Black to construct a dog pen 15 feet from the rear property line and 14 feet from a side property line instead of 25 feet from each property line.