Enough of the hysteria and mud-slinging. Pat Singer, president of the Silver Spring-Takoma Traffic Coalition, implied in her recent letter that Rose Crenca has departed from her citizen-activist roots, done nothing in her nine-plus years on the Council, and is now resting in the back pocket of ''the big developers.''

Where has Pat Singer been these past 10 years? Rose Crenca was one of the few citizens to protest the density on the original Silver Spring master plan, she has led fights against transfer development rights (TDRs) and the abuse of special exceptions in residential neighborhoods, and now she's trying to sort out ''mobile zoning.'' She's never eased up in her efforts to help citizens all over Montgomery County.

Mrs. Crenca's citizen activism has always been based on facts and research. Unlike Pat Singer, who screams about ''big developers'' and their ''campaign contributions'' without checking campaign records, Mrs. Crenca uses facts. She was the council member who delayed the vote on Silver Spring to permit citizens time to develop their position. She cannot and will not make a decision before all the facts are in.

Mrs. Crenca is still waiting for the facts. Where is the $10,000 traffic study that was paid for by Pat Singer and her group? Where is the proof they promised of the gridlock that is sure to come to Silver Spring? The traffic consultant stated in public session that the report, while finished, was not being submitted.

Pat Singer would be better served getting her facts in order before she demands agreement from our county council president.