I am a elderly widow. Recently I had a frightening experience, but several people came to my rescue. I was on my way home from a doctor's appointment downtown expecting to enjoy my drive home through the park on Beach Drive when my car stalled on a curve. I raised the hood and started trying to stop someone to call AAA for me. Several cars passed. I was getting frightened and worried when a man stopped and said he would go on to the Park Police Station and ask them to send someone. While I was waiting for an officer at least half a dozen people stopped and asked if they could help. The last one, a man with his wife and child, stayed with me until the officer came.

The officer was courteous, efficient and reassuring. He called AAA and directed traffic around my car until the AAA man came. The AAA man got my car started and told me to pull into the next picnic area where he charged my battery enough so that I could get to the garage.

We hear so much these days about all the bad things people do but not so much about the good things. I just want to say that there are a lot of good, kind people. I hope that all those who stopped to try to help me and the nice officer will see this and know how much better they made me feel. MARGARET S. DUNLOP Bethesda