The following were among the actions taken by the Vienna Town Council at its Oct. 5 meeting. For more information, call 255-6300.

WATERS FIELD SCOREBOARD -- The council voted, 5 to 2, to turn down Kodak Corporation's offer of a $5,000 scoreboard for Waters Field because it would have included advertising, but may accept it later after deciding on a proposed change in town ordinances.

The 144-square-foot scoreboard would have included a slogan and company logos on 12 square feet -- possibly violating a town ordinance banning advertisements on municipal signs. Council members Richard Fisher and Robert Robinson argued the scoreboard overall would not have been an advertisement, and company symbols are a common sight at American sports facilities, but the rest of the council voted them down.

The council will hold a public hearing Nov. 9 to consider a change to the town's ordinances specifically permitting advertisements on scoreboards.

DANGEROUS DOGS -- The council postponed a decision on a proposal to allow officials to designate some dogs as dangerous, and require special licenses and other restrictions for them, even if the animal has not bitten anyone. The proposal would allow officials, acting on complaints, to desginate as dangerous dogs that have attacked animals or "are capable of inflicting death or serious injury.".

After discussion with dog owners and residents, the council decided to allow council members to submit amendments to the ordinance proposal, and schedule an additional hearing on the measure later.