The following were among actions taken by the Alexandria Board of Architectural Review, Old and Historic District Panel, at its Oct. 7 meeting. For further information, call 838-4666. The following requests were approved:

COLUMBUS ST. S., 306 -- By Saint John's Square Condominium Association to replace an existing wood fence with a new wood fence adjacent to the side and rear porperty lines of a four-story brick building. 7 to 0.

HENRY ST. S., 121 -- By Deborah Ann Sims to hang on the first floor of a two-story wood town house a wood 36-by-24 inch sign that will read, "Nails By Deborah." 7 to 0.

LEE ST. S., 426 -- By Walter V. Hall to enclose a rear porch and to build a wood two-story addition on the rear of a two-story wood town house. 7to0.

PRINCE ST., 413 -- By Howard H. Stahl to replace a window with French doors on the front of a one-story brick garage that has been converted into a storage building. 7 to 0.

ST. ASAPH ST. S., 109 -- By Doug Harvey to install an exterior fresh air intake duct from the roof to the second floor of a three-story brick building. 6 to 0.

WASHINGTON ST. N., 200 -- By Victor Montes, Zinser & Dunn Associates to install an automatic bank teller machine on the first floor of a four-story brick building. 7 to 0.

WASHINGTON ST. S., 800 -- By Scott Management Inc. to erect two free-standing wood 4-by-4 foot signs that each will read, "Monticello Lee, 683-3274." 7 to 0. The following request was denied:

WASHINGTON ST. S., 277 -- By Ralph H. Hendry to temporarily erect on the first floor of a four-story brick building a canvas 3-by-10 foot sign that would read, "Atrium Fitness Center Opening Oct. 15th, 549-6616." 7 to 0. The following requests were deferred for further study:

CAMERON ST. , 1 -- By Ken Altice for the Alexandria Waterfront Restoration Group to construct a three-story building with shingle siding on a vacant lot.

COMMERCE ST., 211-215 -- By Daniel R. Bairley to construct a second-story brick addition to a one-story brick building.

FRANKLIN ST., 600 -- By Cole & Denny Inc. to construct a three-story brick office and retail building on a lot that currently has two one-story brick buildings.

GREEN ST., 815 -- By Guillermo Mata to construct a wood deck with stairs and to replace a window with French doors on the rear second story of a two-story brick town house.

HENRY ST. S., 212 -- By C. William Fotis Jr. to construct on a vacant lot a brick three-story, 23-by-71 foot commercial building.

KING ST., 715 -- By William T. Harkey to erect an awning that would read, "Nam's River," over the first-floor window of a three-story brick town house.

KING ST., 716-718 -- By John T. Donelan to erect a 1-by-3 foot wood sign that would read, "Phrenology, Readers Come In," on a three-story brick building.

WASHINGTON ST. N., 115 -- By Philip J. Buckingham for Washington Canopies Inc. to erect a canopy that would read, "Jacobs Gardner, Best Jewelry," over the first-floor entrance of a two-story brick building.

WASHINGTON ST. N., 725 -- By the Amoco Oil Co. to replace windows and add window trim at a gas station.