Bowie residents can receive free flu shots 1 to 2:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 19, in the B-1 section of Bowie Commons Apartments, 3909 Haven Ct.

The Prince George's County Health Department, which is giving the vaccinations at several sites throughout the county this month, recommend them for: adults and children with chronic respiratory and/or cardiovascular disorders who require continued medical attention; persons 65 years or older; children, age six months through 18 years, who must take aspirin for long periods of time.

Persons with severe egg allergies should not get the shots and pregnant women should discuss it with their doctors first. For more information on the disease or other sites, call 386-0110.


The Greater Laurel Beltsville Hospital is seeking foreign-speaking volunteers to assist non-English speaking patients.

"We've been getting more and more foreign speaking patients . . . especially a lot of elderly patients who can't communicate," said Carolyn Carchedi, director of the hospital's Volunteer Services department. "We've found that we really need to offer those services for them."

Carchedi said the hospital's greaterneeds are for volunteers who speak Spanish, Hindu, Korean and Vietnamese. Volunteers should be able to work one to three hours, depending on patients' needs.

Volunteers park free. Those who work three or more hours will receive a free lunch. For more information, call Carchedi at 497-7950.


University Park and the City of Laurel have received $5,202 in matching grants to implement minimum livability codes for rental housing in their respective jurisdictions.

The grants are awarded as part of the state Livability Code Implementation Progam, administered by the Department of Housing and Community Development. They are designed to help cities and towns improve the safety, maintenance and appearance of rental properties.

Laurel was awarded $3,830; University Park, $1,372.


Ward 5 Councilman Franklin Creegan has resigned after six years in office, leaving a vacancy to be filled for the remaining 19 months of his two-year term.

Creegan, whose resignation was effective Oct. 1, was appointed to the council in August 1981 to fill an unexpired term and was elected to the post in 1983, and reelected in 1985 and 1987. He is leaving because he's moving from Riverdale to Northern Virginia.

The town charter specifies that the new council member must be appointed by the mayor and approved by a majority of the council. People interested in the position must be U.S. citizens, 25 years old, residents of Riverdale for at least six months, and registered to vote in the town.

Council members work approximately 10 hours per week and earn $125 per month. Interested applicants should call Mayor Moreland Perkins or Town Administrator Patrick Prangley at 927-6381 or write to The Town of Riverdale, 5008 Queensbury Rd., Riverdale, Md., 20737.

Portia Williams