Fairfax County school officials are studying ways to curb violence among spectators during and after football games as a result of fights at several games this season.

"It appears we are having more skirmishes and incidents after ballgames throughout the county, or at least more attention is being paid to it," said Glynn Bates, principal of West Springfield High School.

The school's athletic director, Charlie Martin, said three West Springfield students were punched by unidentified youths outside the stadium after an upset victory over Edison High School Sept. 25.

During a game between Woodson High School and Annandale High School Sept. 18, a student fell five feet from the bleachers during a scuffle and was treated at a hospital. The trouble started when Annandale alumni entered the Woodson section, according to Woodson Athletic Director Phil Turner.

A fight that erupted after an Oct. 1 game between Edison and Alexandria's T.C. Williams High School prompted the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to ask the Fairfax County School Board to schedule all future games with the Alexandria school during daylight.

Fairfax County school spokeswoman Dolores Bohen said the school system had no plans to follow the supervisors' recommendation, but that area superintendents were working on ways to encourage sportsmanship and good conduct.

The fight began in a parking lot near Edison and involved about 10 to 20 youths, according to various accounts. No one was seriously injured.

One student from T.C. Williams and one from Edison were suspended.

Supervisor T. Farrell Egge (R-Mount Vernon) cited another fracas that had erupted after T.C. Williams' Sept. 11 game with West Potomac High School, in which school officials said two youths, neither of them students at the two competing schools, were arrested.

T.C. Williams officials said the supervisors were unfairly singling out their school.

"I think they were irresponsible for going on the record publicly without having checked with the people involved," said Athletic Director Don Riviere. did not involve athletes. Often they involved former instead of current students instead of currentschool-goers..