An elementary school guidance counseling program that stresses preventive counseling for children will come before the Prince William County School Board Wednesday.

If approved, the program will be started in all 33 elementary schools by the fall of 1989, when the state Board of Education requires that all elementary schools have guidance counselors on the premises.

Under the program, counselors will spend 12 weeks on each grade level from kindergarten through fifth grade, conducting classroom guidance activities principally aimed at reinforcing self-esteem. Counselors also will be available for individual and small-group counseling.

The School Board will also consider a contractual arrangement with Virginia Tech to train elementary guidance counselors needed to fill the state requirement. School administrators estimate they will need nearly 40 more certified counselors.

Virginia Tech has proposed a program leading to a master's degree in guidance and counseling, to be offered in the county only to enrollees approved by the school system. If the school board approves the plan, Tech will begin offering courses in the county this winter.

The board will also consider whether to allow the schools and their Parent-Teacher Associations to offer "Hugs and Kisses," a play about preventing sexual abuse. Parents can ask that their children not see the play.

Copies of the board agenda and staff reports on agenda items are available in each of the county's six high schools, the two main libraries and six minilibraries and at the school administration community affairs office at 14800 Joplin Rd. in Independent Hill. The meeting begins at 7 p.m.