I am astonished by Pat Singer's attitude about "returning all those years of support" I've received from Silver Spring {"What's Your Vote, Rose Crenca?" Letters to the Weekly, Oct. 1}. Is she really asking me to make a decision based on "sides," and to heck with the facts?

I don't think that is why I have enjoyed the support of citizens in Silver Spring or Montgomery County. I've never been known as someone afraid to make a decision or known to make a decision because someone told me how to vote. My votes are based on facts and conviction; they are not for sale to either developers or citizens. Does Mrs. Singer think they are?

My question to Mrs. Singer is: Where is the traffic study that was so important that the Silver Spring-Takoma Park Traffic Coalition requested a delay in the County Council hearings to allow the consultant time to finish? At the time of our hearings, the study was not available; it was promised by the time of the council's work sessions. We are now well into our scheduled work sessions, and there is still no traffic study! Why has receiving it lost its importance? Certainly members of the civic associations that footed the bill, my own included, deserve an answer. This study was to be the ultimate refutation of Sidney Kramer's traffic study, which, according to Mrs. Singer at least, was an unsubstantiated attempt to buttress his case for greater development.

Many questions still need to be answered. ROSE CRENCA President, Montgomery County Council Rockville

The letter from Pat Singer attempting to suggest that Montgomery County Council President Rose Crenca is too close to the developers is a good example of why many of us longtime Silver Spring residents are turned off by the hyperbole and fear tactics of Mrs. Singer's so-called Traffic Coalition.

As a member of a neighboring civic association, I've watched Mrs. Crenca as she's emerged from civic activist to council president. I have no doubts about her integrity and feel it is outrageous for Mrs. Singer to suggest that Mrs. Crenca is too close to the developers and their campaign contributions as she makes her very difficult decision regarding downtown Silver Spring's future development. Mrs. Singer should apologize to Mrs. Crenca.

In her letter, Mrs. Singer also seems to suggest that turning out a "large, spirited crowd" is the only element for council members to weigh in such crucial decisions, that the fears of increased traffic are the only considerations in the future quality of life in Silver Spring. Well, it just isn't so. A lot of us -- including some of Mrs. Singer's neighbors -- don't agree and think the Traffic Coalition's fears are exaggerated and their vision too narrow.

We trust council members to see through this "spirited" campaign and take into account all the other factors, including the need for sufficient mall retail activity, to give the downtown life after office hours. MICHAEL KRAFT Silver Spring