City of Falls Church

The following were among actions taken at the Oct. 6 meeting of the Falls Church School Board. For more information, call 241-7600.

NEW OFFICERS -- The board unanimously elected Stephen Spector and Ellen Gross as chairman and vice-chairman of the board. Spector served as the panel's vice-chairman for the past year. Former Chairman Priscilla Reimers, whose term expired last month, did not seek reappointment to the board.

GOALS ADOPTED -- The board adopted goals for the current school year, including a commitment to Mount Daniel School while it undergoes a $1.7 million renovation.

Mount Daniel, one of only two elementary schools in the city, has about 175 kindergarten and first-grade students. The 35-year-old school has never been renovated before, but needs new electrical, heating and air-conditioning systems. The roof needs repairing and some classrooms need to be redesigned, officials said.

The renovation is scheduled to begin in June and be completed by the summer of 1989.

The school board will decide at its Oct. 20 meeting whether to move students to six portable classrooms on school grounds during the renovation.

A school advisory group, composed of school officials, teachers, administrators and parents, has recommended relocating the students. It also suggested that the renovation be done in two phases. In the first phase, half the school would be sealed off and renovated while students worked in portable classrooms. In the second phase, which would begin midway through the school year, those students would be moved back to the newly renovated section of the building and the second half of the building would be renovated.

Renting the portable classrooms is expected to cost about $200,000.

If the school board approves the proposal, the plan will be forwarded to the City Council for final approval.

BUDGET SCHEDULE -- The board approved a schedule to follow in adopting its education budget for fiscal 1989, which begins July 1. The schedule is:Jan. 12: School Superintendent Warren Pace will present a proposed budget to the School Board. Jan. 20, Feb. 2: The board will hold public hearings on the proposal. Feb. 17: The board will adopt a budget.

After the board approves a budget, it is presented to the City Council for final approval.