The District of Columbia Board of Zoning Adjustment made the following decisions on requests for variances and special exceptions to zoning laws at its Oct. 7 meeting. For more information, call 727-6311.


THIRD ST., 1838 -- Denied a request by Doris Clark to expand a child development center that currently has 38 students and three staff members to 58 students and 12 staff members in a residential zone.

EIGHTH ST., 630 -- Denied a request by Passpark Management Corp. to establish an office for an electrical contractor in a residential zone.

18TH ST., 4123 -- Denied a request by Katherine Holt to reconsider its decision allowing William Alfred Nero to build an addition on the side of a house in a residential zone.


BANCROFT PLACE, 2229 -- Denied a request by the Citizens Committee to Oppose BZA Application No. 14528 to reconsider its decision allowing a one-story addition to an apartment house and two new parking spaces in a residential zone.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 4000 -- Dismissed an application by Jerold M. Frankel to establish a dental office in an apartment building in a residential zone. The application was made by Frankel, the dentist, but zoning regulations require that the application be made by the owner of the property.

SIXTH ST., 1006-1008 -- Granted a request by Ali Mortazavi to operate a store selling electronics, gifts and tobacco goods in a residential zone.

NINTH ST., 1315-1327 -- Granted a request by Amoco Oil Co. to remodel a gasoline station in a commercial zone.

14TH ST., 3439-3441 -- Granted a request by Mary L. Watson to operate a community residence facility for more than 25 people on the first through fourth floors of a building in a commercial zone.

21ST ST., 1712 -- Denied a request by Armand Dumas to expand the rear of his house onto a back patio, creating a third-story bedroom and expanding the second-story dining room, in a residential zone.