A 2-year-old Bethesda girl was pinned against a garage wall and killed yesterday when a car driven by her baby sitter lurched out of control, Montgomery County police reported.

Danielle Elizabeth Esposito, the only child of Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Esposito, was struck around 11:15 a.m. at the family home at 6303 Avalon Dr. as her baby sitter, 17-year-old Sylvia Wockel, tried to move the family's Ford Taurus out of the garage, police said.

The parents were in Florida at the time, police said, but returned to Bethesda later in the day.

Wockel, a native of Holland whom police described as an unlicensed and inexperienced driver, was trying to back up the car, police said. She had left the youngster standing by the driver's side of the car, but the child wandered around to the front, a police spokeswoman said.

Wockel, who has been living with the Espositos since June, was at the wheel when it shot forward, pinning the child to the wall, investigators said. Danielle Elizabeth was taken to Sibley Hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival. Wockel was taken to Suburban Hospital to be treated for shock, police said.

The police spokeswoman said investigators were attributing the death to driver error and were carrying the incident as a fatal accident. She said it was probable that no charges would be brought. A report is being sent to the state's attorney's office for review, the spokeswoman said.