Some hobbyhorses for children are being recalled because their plastic bodies could break, allowing a child to fall, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said this week.

The "Wonder Horse" hobbyhorses sold under the names "Clippety Clop," "Comanche" and "Colt," are all made by CBS Inc. of New York, the commission said.

The manufacturer had been notified of 105 cases in which the plastic horse body broke, including 40 incidents in which children suffered cuts, scrapes and bruises, the commission said.

The toys sell for about $60, and about 114,000 have been sold nationally, the agency said.

The recall affects "Wonder Horses" produced before June 1986. Those made since then, the commission said, have been changed and are not being recalled. The improved toys are identified by a silver-colored label or a number higher than 86207 stamped on the horse's belly.

Wonder Horses that do not have those identifications should not be used, the commission said. Consumers can get information on how to get replacements by contacting the manufacturer's representative, Service Concepts International of Santa Ana, Calif., at (800) 227-3378.

Ford Emission Problem

Ford Motor Co. is recalling more than 124,000 Ford Escort, Mustang, Mercury Lynx and Tracer cars for potential emissions and suspension problems.

Ford said this week that it was recalling 85,000 1982 Ford Escort and Mercury Lynx models equipped with 1.6-liter engines and manual transmissions. The cars' exhaust systems will be inspected and modified to decrease emissions.

John P. King, Ford service engineering manager, said tests on some of the vehicles showed emissions higher than allowed by federal law. The cars will receive vacuum delay valves, repositioning of air-control hoses and resetting of ignition timing. Some valves may be replaced.

Ford also is recalling about 33,700 1987 Ford Mustang models equipped with 5.0-liter high-performance engines for inspection and possible installation of a fuel vapor hose restrictor to excess hydrocarbon emissions.

Ford also is recalling 5,500 1988 Mercury Tracer models for inspection of nuts on rear suspension struts. The nuts might not have been correctly tightened and could come loose, creating loud noises and reducing strut movement.