The Maryland attorney general's office has reached an agreement with two Prince George's County towing firms accused of rigging bids for a county contract.

In documents filed in Prince George's County Circuit Court, the attorney general's antitrust division alleged that A&A Towing and Storage and Raley's Emergency Road Service conspired to restrain competition between themselves on towing sevices. The firms are also accused of submitting collusive and rigged bids in May 1985 on a countywide contract to tow vehicles at the direction of the police department. Under the contract, the vehicle owners would have been required to pay towing and storage charges to the towing firms.

State investigators said the contract was not awarded because of the suspected bid rigging. Towing practices continue under earlier procedures, which involve the county dividing up the territory and assigning the areas to various towing firms without the bidding process.

Under the civil consent decree announced Friday, A&A and Raley's admitted no wrongdoing, but promised not to compete for government contracts for 10 years. The firms also pledged not to set, fix or stabilize prices, not to divide up business territory or markets improperly and not to submit any noncompetitve, collusive or rigged bids.