The Montgomery County NAACP is pleased that County Council member Michael L. Gudis {Letters to the Weekly, Sept. 24} has finally spoken out against the activities of the white supremacist National Democratic League, which had been peddling hate in the area.

However, we regret that Mr. Gudis responded so belatedly, especially since he braggingly claims to have authored the county's legislation that promotes "sensitivity awarenss" activities and, moreover, proudly wears the title of chairperson of the "Sensitivity Awareness Symposium Day" Task Force, a position he declines to relinquish despite requests that he do so.

Though we called on Mr. Gudis to speak out, we still maintain that actions speak louder than words. Yet, had he spoken out earlier and without having to be prodded, it would have increased the commitment, credibility and strength of both his message and his position of leaderlship.

Still, we are delighted that he is now catching up with some of his fellow County Council members, who spoke out at the onset of the recent hate activities and on their own volition, even though they lack his background and considerable leadership role in this highly important and sensitive area.


Vice President for Programs and Director of Information

Montgomery County NAACP