George Mason's 35-0 triumph Page County not only snapped a three-year, 19-game losing streak but may have saved the program. Because of a number of factors, the school administration had considered dropping football in the near future.

"We did a study as to whether to drop the sport and the community and other people got involved," said Mason assistant principal Joan Tannenbaum. "For one, the kids were down in the dumps because we had lost so many. Second, we had some internal problems because of our coaching situation, {and were} not able to get a coach to teach in the building."

"But we decided to try a three-pronged approach. One, we wanted to get a teacher in the building and Bruce Evans has been that person; two, we wanted to get a medical doctor for safety reasons, and three, go through a slow re-building process," she said. "We felt it might take some time but we wanted to build a positive attitude among the students."

They say winning can cure most ills and right now, the George Mason family is enjoying the win.

"The kids were under a lot of stress and they wanted to win so much they could taste it," Tannenbaum said. "And it couldn't come at a better time."

The Virginia A school is in the midst of Homecoming week and the activites will be culminated with the game against Central, Saturday at 2.

After going unbeaten the past two seasons in division play and winning consecutive Interhigh League championships, it was only logical to consider Coolidge a contender for a third straight crown.

But the Colts, with many key positions to fill, showed very little offense early and were shut out three times.

But Coach Sam Taylor's patience with his inexperienced offense has finally begun to pay dividends. Sean Chisley ran 10 yards for one touchdown, added a two-point conversion and caught a 15-yard touchdown pass from Daymon Anderson late in the third period as Coolidge rallied from a 12-0 deficit to beat Cardozo, 14-12, Saturday.

The victory put Coolidge right back in the thick of the division race. McKinley leads the division with a 2-0 mark. Coolidge and Dunbar are both 1-0.