Because of the incumbent mayor's constant claims that he was primarily responsible for the reform of the Rockville election law, I would like to point out that, from my viewpoint, the member of the council who played the most significant role in the process was Councilman Douglas Duncan.

The initiative for the Election Task Force resulted from a memo that Councilman Duncan prepared for the mayor and council following the 1985 election. This memo came about because of the concerns and questions Councilman Duncan had as a result of that campaign and election.

Councilman Duncan served as an ex officio member of the Election Task Force. He not only provided his own personal view but also assisted in adding a historical perspective to many issues that were discussed and acted upon. He showed great concern for enacting certain changes, such as moving to the single-registration concept that was included in our final report to the mayor and council. The councilman participated in nearly all of our general meetings and provided a significant leadership role in the subcommittees on which he served. I am certain that all members of the task force recognize Councilman Duncan's major contribution to our objectives.

We all know that candidates tend to lay claim to almost everything positive during an election campaign, but in this case, the incumbent is wrong, and voters of Rockville should be made aware of this. STEPHEN H. EDWARDS Rockville